Development Of Self Driving Or Autopilot Cars

self driving

The technology in which an aircraft is controlled without the continuous use of your hands is known as an autopilot. Now, this technology is going to be used on the roads. A large number of automotive companies are working towards devising a driverless car.

Tesla is a multinational automotive company and is about to win the race in the competition of achieving a fully automatic car. Though, Waymo which is created by the parent company of Google is also going faster in this competition.

autopilot cars

Tesla is striving hard to achieve a fully automatic car along with all the advanced features and safety measures. In an attempt to develop a well-protected autopilot, it collaborated with several companies.
In the Forbye model x, model s and model 3 are the greatest examples of Tesla’s autopilot system. You can find custom Tesla-device chips with processors related to application-specific integrated circuits(ASIC). It is reported that in Tesla’s new procedures there would be 2000 frames processed within a second. This is 10 × more vigorous than the hardware 2.5. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated it with 5-stars at each level in a testing event.
In a recent event, Florida’s Tesla user saved a life by receiving an over Air update, while evacuating a Hurricane impacted area. By update, it enhanced the battery power by 5kw, while helping them to commute longer distances as compared to the usual range.

This project is launched by a corporation named “ALPHABET” that also established Google. It was started back in 2009 aiming towards the development of the self-driving vehicle. This model car is being tested on US roads by Google. It is not yet assessed in the UK. As reported by Google, the model car has a LiDAR which is a rotating camera at the rooftop, using a series of 32 or 64 lasers. This helps in building up a 3D plan to the range of 200m, preventing any accidents or hazards on the way.

development of self driving

A basic camera is also present to look across the windscreen. It also helps in identifying any nearby hazards like pedestrians, any other vehicles and the traffic signals.
An intelligent feature of this smart automotive is that it can observe a bike and understands that stretching an arm by a cyclist is a maneuver. In this scenario, it is smart enough to get itself slowed and leaves enough space for the bike to move comfortably and safely. Waymo is actively functioning to bring an ideal autopilot car for the safety and comfort of every person.
However, some other automobile firms are also working to bring out their self-driven vehicle. This includes Cadillac, Infiniti, Daimlers, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Lexus and many more.
So, we all are looking forward to an autopilot car. Let’s see when we are going to have such an easy and manageable car in the market and we can travel long distances without any fear.

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