MateBook X And MateBook 14 Launched By Huawei With More Advancements

Recently, a meeting was held by the Chinese smartphone company Huawei, in which it introduced two most advanced versions of the laptops. This includes the MateBook X with Intel Chipset and MateBook en operated.

Huawei MateBook X

huawei matebook 14Basic Features:

Parallel to other Huawei Notebooks, these laptops show close resemblance in their appearance with Apple’s MacBook.
The MateBook X is about 13inches in size with the feature of the touch sensor. The display has a feature of 3000×2000 pixels resolution together with an enormous keyboard with the key traveling of 1.3mm and a massive amount of backlight. Moreover, the keypad is over 26% more extensive than its prototypes along with a webcam underneath it. The speakers lie behind the shift keys

On the other hand, The Matebook 14 has 14 inches touchscreen LCD, exhibiting 2160×1440pixels resolution with the ratio of 3:2 to and the peak brightness of 300 nits.
The capacity of Matebook X is slightly low and is operated through 10th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 along with 16GB RAM. The Huawei laptop is the first device to support the WiFi6. Furthermore, the device is developed to be without a fan. To keep its 14 nm 15 W Quad-core processors cool, it utilizes Vapour compartment, graphite layers and thermal conducting joints.

The processors with 6- core / 12 threads Ryzen 5 4600 H or monster Ryzen 7 4800 H with 8-cores/ 16-threads along with AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 7 GPU and 16GB RAM operates the MateBook 14. Both of them have the capacity to share data and can act as an alternate screen for Huawei and Honor smartphones, operating at 10 EMUI or more.

Features Of The Battery:

The battery inscribed within the MateBook X has the power of 42Wh, which as per the manufacturer’s statement, would play Full HD video for continuous 9 hours by charging one time. Whereas, the MateBook 14 is powered by a more strong battery of 56 Wh.

Price Range:

These two newly disclosed gadgets will be available in the market hopefully in October 2020. The cost of MateBook X would be around 1600 Euros, while the MateBook 14 with 8GB RAM would cost 849 Euros.

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