Domain Transfer in Pakistan

Domain transfer can be done in two ways.

1. Simply shift domain from one registrar to another.

2. Transfer domain from a reseller to another of the same registrar.

The exchange of domains could be transferred to Real Web Point and during this process, all the domains will be operational. Most of the time, the shift of domains will be self renewed for 1year from the current expiry date. All this process takes about five to seven days to complete. While transferring a domain name, we will need your collaboration.
To complete the process of transferring the domain from your present registrar to Realwebpoint, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

1-: The domain name is owned by you and your email address is listed in that domain. You need to have an authorization code from the current domain registrar and give that to us In order to complete the transfer process. This requires domain’s administrative approval, for which an email is sent to the administrative contact. In case of wrong email address, this transfer may be disregarded.

2-: Make sure to disable the admin lock option before the submission of the request. (Should ask your current registrar if this option is disabled)

3-: Expired domain names can’t be transferred and go to the redemption period for 30 days and even longer. Hence, no transfer.

4-: With Real Web Point transfer, you will have one year self renewal from the current date of expiration.

5-: Change of registrar may also be denied by the registry service.

6-: The domain names like Onlinenic,,, NameCheap, and others can be transferred to Real Web Point by using push option.

Domain Transfer out from Real Web Point Fee 15$