Pk domains Registration

In Pakistan, domain registration service is provided by PKNIC by offering several upmost domain names like, .pk domain name, domain name, domain name, name, domain name, domain name. We are the SRS registered resellers of domain names and are eligible to register any PK domain. Every pk domain is registered for a period of two years. The costing and legalization of all the pk domains are listed below. The selling price of all the domains is 26USD.

Since we are the SR’s resellers of PKNIC, we are able to renew all the .PK domains, even the ones which are not registered with Real Web Point. You just need to submit payment at our office and get your domain renewed for the next two years.

Prepaid Card for .PK Domains

Prepaid cards are available at the office of Real Web Point. Through this, you can register or renew yours.PK domains easily. Being the oldest partner of PKNIC, we are facilitated by maximum benefits as compared to other resellers.

Domain Structure

Every .PK domain having registration with PKNIC must be categorized under following second and third-degree domains. The guidelines for each domain have been provided below.
The schedule for payment is same for every domain.

.PK General Second Level Domains without etc Suffix
.COM.PK General Business, or Individual
.NET.PK Network Related Business
.ORG.PK Non-profit Organizations
.FAM.PK Family and Individuals
.BIZ.PK General Business, Promotional
.WEB.PK Web Sites
.EDU.PK Educational Institutes
.GOV.PK Domains for Government of Pakistan
.GOB.PK Domains for Government of Baluchistan
.GOG.PK Domains for Government of Gilgit Baltistan
.GKP.PK Domains for Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
.GOP.PK Domains for Government of Punjab
.GOS.PK Domains for Government of Sindh
.GOK.PK Domains for Government of Azad Kashmir

Transfer a PK Domain

In order to transfer domain between two accounts:

An authority letter is required by PKNIC from the current domain owner under their letterhead and official seal. whereas, Pakistani nationals would require a copy of the CNIC of the director or the head of the company. The authority letter should include the account details of the current domain registrant and the account to which the domain is going to be transferred  [Sample Authorization Letter].

If There is any mismatching of the registrant’s name to the one written on the official letterhead, then an affidavit( following a specific pattern) will be required along with the authority letter. Make sure the affidavit fulfills all the legal requirements (i.e, 100 Rs stamp paper which is signed by an oath commissioner). [Download Format].

Similarly, an affidavit is required even when a current domain registrant is a person. This should also be prepared on 100rs stamp paper and signed by oath commissioner.
The authority letter could be sent to us on the following postal address. [Download Format].
Real Web Point
Office # 04 – F, Hussain Complex 108 Main Ferozpur Road,
Ichhra Lahore Pakistan.

Email verification: The present domain personnel (owner or agent,) will be asked for the agreement to transfer the domain, and the account to which the domain is being shifted to receive the new domain. All this is done to fulfill the authorization and documentation requirements.
Unlock PK Domain Registrant Information:
Unofficial transfer of the PK domain is prevented by keeping the registrant record private.