Two Committees Will Solve GIDC Matter: New Strategy Implemented By The Financial Advisor of PM

Hafeez Sheikh

Prime Minister’s Finance and Revenue instructor Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh conducted two different dialogues at the Finance Division. One with the people representing fertilizer enterprise and the other with the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association. The basic purpose was to evaluate the matter of GIDC i.e. Gas Infrastructure Development Cess.

The discussion was carried out openly by providing a chance for members to demonstrate their vision through evidence. However, it was mentioned by the chairperson, that merely the verdict of the Supreme Court would be imposed. The Adviser to the Prime Minister(SAPM) of petroleum Nadeem Babar and the Industrial Minister Hammad Azhar also attended the conferences. Besides that, the representatives of the Finance Ministry, Petroleum sector and FBR were there as well.

The Finance Adviser was individually requested to prolong the time margin for the payment of GIDC, by the Chairperson of FMPAC Lt.Gen (Retd) Tariq Khan and the Chairman of APTMA
Mr.Amanullah Kassim Machiyara in both the forums. There was a detailed discussion after which it was concluded that the final declaration would be based on the judgment of the Supreme court. However, the assistance of the Government for the industries, to cope with the aftermaths of COVID19 will still be needed.

Furthermore, the Adviser instructed to form two subgroups, in order to analyze the issue of GIDC and suggest some feasible choices about how to get an acceptable outcome.

One group should be presided over by the Industrial Minister and comprising of ambassadors from APTMA, Ministry of Finance, FBR and the Petroleum Adviser to the Prime Minister(SAPM).

Whereas, the other group should also include the agents of APTMA, FBR, Ministry of Finance, Petroleum Adviser and SAPM of Commerce. Besides that, it would be headed over by the Industrial Minister. The Minister of Industries shall head both the committees and demonstrate the suggestions in the convention to be organized in the coming weeks.

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