Here is Why Brown Sugar/ Jaggery/Gur Is Preferred Over White or Artificial Sugar?

Brown Sugar Jaggery Gur

Most of us are habitual of finishing our meals by eating something sweet. Either fruits or a sweet dish and candies. I don’t deny the significance of fruits but I have got another solution to the fulfillment of your sweet tooth. You may eat fruits any other time though. I would suggest you end up your food by consuming an amazing sweet product that has several benefits for your body on the same side. This is called Jaggery or GURR.
Gurr or jaggery is extremely beneficial for our overall health. Since sugar we consume normally is believed to be bad for our health. Gurr is a natural sweetener.
The benefits of jaggery are listed below:

Promote bowel movements:
It activates certain digestive enzymes that enhance the motility of the digestive tract, resulting in bowel emptying. Hence, relieving constipation.
The method of consuming it so simple that you just take a small piece of gur right after your lunch or breakfast. It would do miracles and you will have a peaceful day.

digestive system
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This natural sweetener is a great detoxifier. It assists the liver in cleansing the harmful chemicals from the body, hence, reducing the workload of the liver and helping it to work more effectively.
The best trick I came across, to get the benefits of jaggery in detoxification is to consume a glass of warm water along with half lemon juice and a small piece of gur early in the morning. This will enable your metabolism to speed up and remove excess fat and toxins from the body.

liver detoxification

Raises immunity:
Another most prominent characteristic of jaggery is that it acts as an immune booster because it contains antioxidants and minerals like selenium and zinc. These elements are meant to prevent the process of free radical damage to the cells and prevent infections. Therefore, enhancing the immune system.

Best In Treating The Common Cold And Flu:
Whenever I or my children catch a cold and having a productive cough, my mother instantly makes a green tea and add a piece of jaggery in it. As a result, we feel soothing and much relieved. The reason is that the gur generates heat in the body and acts as an antioxidant in treating the sore throat and common cold. However, if symptoms persist you should consult your doctor.

Common Cold And Flu

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Weight loss:

Weight loss

Since the jaggery is known to accelerate the metabolism rate, it helps in losing excess fats from the body. So, as mentioned above, just take a small piece of this sweetener after a heavy meal or you can prepare a drink by boiling cinnamon for good one hour, add some green herbs and some jaggery in it. You will lose at least over 5 kg in a week without opting any diet plan.

Strengthen The Body And Helps In Postpartum Recovery:

Most of us have seen that a postpartum woman is usually motivated to consume a diet containing gur. In my family, there have been many dishes prepared in gur for a new mother. I have found drastic energy boost and rapid recovery during my postpartum period. So, have a look around and if you have any women struggling with postpartum weakness and depression, offer her all the food items prepared in jaggery. Don’t forget to help her in overcoming her postpartum depression.

So, this was all about the benefits hidden inside the jaggery. Try to consume it more often, but
⚠ consult your health care provider if you are expecting or taking any specific medication or have any allergic issues.

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